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SoH - Changelings by Velgarn
SoH - Changelings
From Left to Right:  Drone, Praetorian, Crawling Praetorian and Queen

It's quite challenging drawing those changelings, especially the Crawler since i've tried many poses and i'm not still sure about the result. Also the head is almost what i wanted, but it seems i can't get things exactly how i imagine them. They don't have eyes but they can see in another way. Also they don't fly at all.

The Drone and Praetorian are okay, and i've redone the queen's face few times. 

In the game Changelings are Medium Size creatures except for the Queen that is a Large Creature. She have a more feminine shape for appearing less intimidating to unsuspicious victims, but she usually just morph herself in something less scary and medium-sized creature.

Note that this queen could not be Chrysalis.

Guess who's a huge fan of the Xenomorphs
Spike MacReady by Velgarn
Spike MacReady
Today's episode was... okay. Sort of.

Also: looking for a creature who can look like ANYONE, through snow and ice in a northen region?  

As a fan of John Carpenter's The Thing, i already knew what to do
Cobolds by Velgarn
From Left to Right:

Cobolds are small creatures who are attracted by shiny things and are famous for their stupidity. Cobolds tends to form small colonies of scavengers, since they like to collect all sort of junk left by othersentient species, like ponies, griffins and minotaurs. Not particulary strong or organized, their strength relies on their numbers, since they can easily swarm up a careless adventurer, beatim him with everything they find.

Hoarders are those cobolds who collect all kind of stuff and keep it for themselves. Usually hated by other cobolds, they are often chased down by other cobolds who triest to steal their stuff. Sometime Hoarders have interesting stuff in their huge bags, so even adventurers chase them down, if they can catch them since they run really fast.

Armored Cobolds, commonly known as Garbage Cobolds, are those who like wearing all kind of metal objects, like plates, bowls, pots and so on. They also melt the metal took from scraps and craft it to look like a sort of rudimental armor. They like to try imitate the military behavior they see from smartest species, but they usually ned up beign more a parody than real soldiers.

The Chiefs of the Cobold society are those who can find and keep the most impressive and shiny objects for themselves, commonly called "Filthy Rich Cobolds"
Since Vobolds are impressed by shiny items, those who can wear the most shiniest and impressive item become quicly the indisputable leader of the colony. Dangerously greedy, they keep to obtain more shiny items to wear, begoming even more impressive to others at the point that they will be too scared to try to steal them at all.

Sometimes, it happends that small group of cobolds who saw somepony wearing a particular tiara or necklace, they remain so impressed that they starts to think that he (or she) is a Filthy Rich, so they start to bring him (or her) the things they found, since they try to please him (or her).

Cobolds doesn't really understand the common language, even if they learn few words that they repeat frequently, even if out of context.
So yeah, finally the core rules for the RPG and supplements are done.

"What are you talking about, mate? What rules? What Game"

I've wrote a RPG based on the MLP Show, you numbnut! All the drawings that i've made in the gallery named SoH are for the manual, you know.

The RPG is Called Seeds of Harmony, and, it uses anthro ponies, since they can hold things in their hands and not in their mouth. Is a choice made long time ago, since i more used to play rpg's with humanids races, and also because i also play larp games, so, a rpg with normal ponies was odd to me. Actually the real explanation is in the Core Rulebook, so you'll  read it eventually. But enough with the chattering, have some stats:

The Rulebook has 373 pages

The Bestiary has 146 pages

The NpC Compendium has 80 pages

The Adventuring Compendium has 38 pages

So basically i wrote 637 pages, my god that was a huge amount of work, but it was worth it (maybe). There are few drawings so far, mostly inside the Rulebook, but with the time, i will add more.

I would like to thanks those who have helped me with this, especially :iconryhaal: who smaked my head when i wrote wrong stuff that i didn't know how to actually balance.
Also a big thanks to the few artist who made some drawings (ryhaal made some too), the Beta Testers who actually played the game with me (Guess what? Ryhaal was there too! He is everywhere! HALP).  So if you wnat to bother someone, go bother him and ask question but don't tell him i've told you to do so. Because he probably have already read this journal and he is probably coming to me to punche me in the face. (Fite me 1v1, coward)

So you are probably wondering "where i can find the files?" the answer is "you'll have to wait, unless you're italian. Yes, that's right since i'm italian i wrote everything in italian BUT STILL, after the ortography check,some good friends will help me translate everything in english, (hopefully without messing the grammar). So it would take some time, but the first files who will be translated are those with few pages and so on. Since now my connection is really bad, i will upload some stuff on Monday, like the Translated Character Sheet.

Stay Tuned!


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