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SoH Concept 59 - War Mage by Velgarn
SoH Concept 59 - War Mage
War mages are those who are trained for cast powerful spells on the battlefield ore creating barriers as protection for the troops.
As part of their hard training they learn to wear armors and cast spells at the same time, a difficult task to perform since casting a spell requires a lot of mental and physical energy and armors add a lot of stress to both.
SoH Concept 58 - Spell Failure by Velgarn
SoH Concept 58 - Spell Failure
Spellcasting is a difficult art who requirest a strong mind and will and a long training.
Some spells are unstable but those with expereience in the art of magic can try to mantain control of the excessive arcane energy without problems. 

A Spell Failer occours when a spellcaster fails to mantain his concentration while performing the spell or when something goeas wrong. The resoult could be harmful or dangerous, but the result is unpredictable.
SoH Concept 57 - Armored Combat by Velgarn
SoH Concept 57 - Armored Combat
Wearing heavy armors can be useful to absorb most of the damage taken by weapons. Also, some armors are more useful against certain types of damage, so using weapon who can pierce or crush the opponents armor is a good idea.

As you can see, two Royal Guards are beating each other during the War of the Two Sisters, while the Night Guard seems to be more smart since he is aiming directly to the opponent's head, who uses a hammer that woul pobably crush or even pierce his armor with ease.

Hits to the head are an optional rule, who are made as sostitution to a Critical Hit
SoH Concept 56 - Arcane Scrolls by Velgarn
SoH Concept 56 - Arcane Scrolls
Arcane Scrolls are a cheap way to cast spells without spending too many Magic points.

In this image we can also see two Students from the Arcanium, talking to each other.

In the game only unicorn have access to Arcane Magic, the other races can access only to Nature Magic or Sorcery
SoH Concept 20 - Wonderbolt (Redone) by Velgarn
SoH Concept 20 - Wonderbolt (Redone)
This concept is quite interesting for me. In the rpg, the Pegasi needs to do not wear armors or too much clothes if they want to fly really fast.
Basically, Wonderbolts have a very simple uniform, based on the episode Wonderbolt Academy.
I've noticed that lots of MLP based stuff are promoted or helped with patreons and kickstarters.
Like: Pay X amount of money (one or multiple time), and soon or later the game will be released untill the Hasbro C&D it to hell and back and back to hell, to hell and back (cit. Lion from Dota 2)

And then there is me, writing more than 300 pages of stuff, for my own personal Rpg, absolutely Free of Charge from now to ever ever ever ever (and that's like 4ever - cit. Pinkie Pie)

Because it's my hobby and i'm really having a lot of fun creating it and playing it with others. okay, maybe the drawing quality isn't ultra good, but still, the game is solid and fun to play.

oh well, back to work


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Current Residence: Arco (TN - Italy)
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: European/American Comics
Favourite cartoon character: ED from "Ed Edd 'n Eddy", Courage the Cowardly Dog


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